KingdomResume has assisted thousands of job-seekers seeking new employment or advancing their careers. Our clients have included people at all levels, from mail clerk to CEO, and in all industries: accountants, educators, engineers, physicians, marketing executives and financial advisors.

The staff of KingdomResume is comprised of a variety of backgrounds. This group averages 10 years of experience in resume development, career consulting and professional writing. These writers/consultants stay abreast of the most current trends in a) the employment market, b) resumes and related documentation, and c) the various industries of our clientele.

The ‘KingdomResume’ Service Advantage’…

If you are seeking a professional service to assist in your career pursuits, we offer numerous advantages.

First, you get a fresh perspective on your employment potential. Our writers assess your career goals, evaluate your employment history and acutely market your achievements.

Second, you are working with the proven experts. Since a job search is, hopefully, something you will do only a couple of times, you are not an expert. However, we have always produce resumes that consistently get more interviews and job opportunities.

Lastly, you get a rejuvenated sense of confidence. When you see your resume written and designed as a marketing tool far superior to what your competition is using, your new self-confidence will be as useful to you as the resume itself.

You are an individual! A Personalized Approach…

Our services are catered according to the needs of our clients. Our clients come from different backgrounds, with every person having unique requirements. Every new client is treated as an individual who needs special attention to accomplish his or her goals. We work with our clients in person because, unlike other services, you are not just a datastream. Resume services are available alone, or as part of packages that include items such as cover letters and PDF files.

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